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Celestine Writs are stone plagues gifted by Sigmar to the leaders of chosen Stormhosts, granting them the right to build a Stormkeep, typically around a Realmgate[1a], though there are some cases where such writs are granted for additional reasons. Such as when Sigmar's wants a particular location or device defended by his Stormcast.[2a] Such writs are granted to the Stormhost that fought and bled the most to claim these vital artefacts and locations.[1a]

The words on these plagues are etched upon them by lightning. They act as powerful artefacts and contracts of a sort, allowing the God-King to claim lands and Realmgates as part of his domain. But only so long as the Stormkeep and it's defenders still remain.[2a]

In the city of Brightspear, Writmark is a holiday celebrating the day the God-King granted a Celestine Writ to the Golden Patriarch of the Celestial Warbringers. Which established Brightspear as a dominion of Sigmar, so long as even a singular Warbringer still stands.[2a]