Celestian Vortex

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The Celestian Vortex is a predatory Endless Spell of Azyrite magic used by the wizards of the Stormcast Eternals. It manifests as a whirling tornado of magical hammers cast in the image of Ghal Maraz.[1]


This spell can only be summoned by a wizard of the Stormcast Eternals. The summoner casts a pair of ensorcelled hammers into the air that start to spin. As the intensity of the vortex increases, the hammers multiply to form a skull-crushing maelstrom.[1][2]


Immediately after being summoned the Celestian Vortex will swirl across the battlefield. Those caught in the spell are battered and crushed by magical hammers and its furious Azyrite energy. The air around it spins into a tornado that disrupts most forms of missile weaponry.[1][2]