Celestial Tongues of Azyr

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Azyrite is one of many names applied to the languages and dialects spoken in the Mortal Realms that originate from the tribes and nations of Azyr.[1][2a] Such languages are spoken in many regions across the Realms, especially in those that are, or once were, part of Sigmar's dominion.[1][2a] These languages have also been referred to as the Celestial Tongue[9a], Azyrite tongues[2a], Azyite languages[3a] or Azyri[4a], or the Star-Tongue[5a].


The Azyrite Language as it is now known first emerged in the early, prehistoric days of the Age of Myth. During this time Sigmar travelled across the Mortal Realms, teaching much to the nomadic and tribal folk that came to worship him. The language he spoke, his own native tongue, would come to form the basis of the Azyrite Language.[7a]

It quickly spread to become one of, or perhaps even the most, widespread languages of the Mortal Realms, transcending all nations and borders.[7a] By the Age of Sigmar the language has branched out into many different variations and dialects spoken all across the Realms.[1][2a][3a]

As the Cities of Sigmar and other Sigmarite nations spread across the Mortal Realms, the Azyrite Language has become a common Lingua Franca used by the Free Peoples to speak with their counterparts from countless cultures.[10]


Every nation and kingdom of Sigmar's domain plays host to a regional variation of the Azyrite tongues. The influence of High Azyr's influence in the Age of Sigmar has created some similarities in these languages, but in spite of this there remain more differences than similarities.[2a]

Some of the more bigoted and unscrupulous Azyrite priests of the Free Cities are known to preach to Reclaimed peoples that only prayer through the languages of Azyr will reach Sigmar. Though not all agree with such sentiments, and even members of Sigmar's Stormhosts insist that the language used does not matter, only the faith behind them.[5a]

Aelves and Duardin across the Mortal Realms usually become fluent in the Azyrite Tongue, or a bastardized variation of it, for a myriad of reasons such as trade, friendship, or simply as a means to understand potential foes.[10]

Variations and Dialects

Some variations of the Celestial Tongue have become distinct from their mother language or else are created through syncretism with other languages. Known examples include:


  • Certain Kharadron and Orruks of Chamon use a stilted, bastardized child of this language for negotiations and trade.[1]