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Sigmarite Saints, also known as Celestial Saints, are figures of the Sigmarite faith who have been recognized for their deeds after their deaths. Most were faithful servants of the God-King themselves, many of them warriors or martyrs. Saints are often venerated by the Devoted of Sigmar in their own right, some even having dedicated cults.[1a][2a][3a][3b]

Religious Practices

Relics of Saints are often kept in ornate mausolea and reliquaries. The power of these relics can hold back evil creatures.[3a] In the Free City of Glymmsforge the bones of common saints are interred in every market square and byway to ward off invasion from evil.[4a]

Types of Relics

  • Bones: The bones of deceased saints are one of the more commonly recognized type of relics.[4a]
  • Saint's Blade: There are many famous blades found throughout the Cities of Sigmar, some of these are collectively known as Saint's Blades which were wielded by forgotten heroes of the Age of Myth.[9a]


Sigmar himself remembers the names and deeds of those august individuals who are granted sainthood and those who have been granted this high honor are not all humans. Indeed many entities and creatures whose faith in Sigmar was steadfast have been elevated to sainthood. Templesen the Gargant is one of the most famous non-human Celestial Sainta.[3a][5a]


For some Celestial Saints, death does not bring an end to their service to Sigmar, merely a new beginning. The Hallowed Knights Stormhost boasts many members whose mortal identities are revered as saints.[8a]

Known Saints

Known Sects

  • Faithful of Saint Garradan: A small sect venerating Saint Garradan have established themselves in Demesnus, within the ruins of the holy figure's famed hospice. Many of them suffer from moss-leprosy. The sect preaches peace in honor of Garradan and venerate him as a great healer.[3b]


The title of Saint is used widely throughout the Mortal Realms even outside the Sigmarite sects. Examples of non-Sigmarite Saints include: