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Cat are small, typically furry, carnivorous mammals. They are often called house cats when kept as indoor pets or simply cats when there is no need to distinguish them from other felids and felines. They are often valued by mortals for companionship and for their ability to hunt vermin.[1a][2a]


The felines known simply as cats vary as wildly in appearance and temperament as the folk who keep them as companions.[2a] Yet all breeds of cats appear to possess a sharp intelligence, even showing the capacity to subtly communicate with other beings on rare occasions.[1a]

Cats of the Realms

  • There are sleek, hairless mousers that originate from the sandy wastes of Aqshy.[1a][2a]
  • Some breeds of cat hailing from Ghur are bulky hunters known for using camouflage.[1a][2a]
  • Shyish is known for its native black cats, which are often quite small.[1a]

Magical Abilities

Cats, no matter the breed, are born with natural Witch-Sight, which allows them to perceive ethereal or otherworldly beings.[2a]

Interactions with Other Races

Cats are often kept as companions by other mortal races of the Mortal Realms and there have been many individuals who were saved by the warning hiss of a feline companion or alley cat. As such they are especially valued in the Free Cities of the Realm of Shyish, where the streets are haunted by all manner of gheists, such as Glymmsforge.[2a]

It is known that wherever humans go in the Mortal Realms, cats are sure to follow. While they are often brought as companions, others follow in the wake of humans as scavengers, preying on the scraps they leave behind as well as the vermin said scraps attract.[1a]

The people of Glymmsforge place such value on the creatures, that the image of a mouser is even incorporated in the amethyst-and-sable heraldry of the city in recognition of their importance to the city defences.[1a]


The cats of the Free City of Glymmsforge do not believe in true death, instead seeing it as merely a sort of elongated dream.[1c]


There are those that believe that the purple-hued pigeons of Shyish serve Nagash. But the cats of Glymmsforge claim they serve a much smaller god.[1b]

Some folktales claim that there exists a king of cats. While other tales claim they have no king at all, instead serving a queen, the first of which was the goddess known simply as the Mother of All Cats, or so the studious Lord-Arcanum Balthas Arum claims.[1c][1d]


Despite the folktales, cats have no king. Only a queen……. Did you know that there were once many gods? Some… escaped. They slipped between the cracks in the realms, where even the Ruinous Powers dare not go. One of those gods was the mother of all cats. The first ones, at least. She left her children in every realm. Some were big, some small. Some weren’t really cats at all. But all gods leave a little of themselves behind, when they go. An echo, a whisper.

~ Balthas Arum to Elya.[1c]


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