Castelite Formation

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A Castelite Formation of the Greywater Fastness facing an enemy onslaught

The Castelite Formation is a tactic used by the Cities of Sigmar for Dawnbringer Crusades created by Tahlia Vedra. It revolutionized the military philosophy of the Free Cities, instead of waiting to reach their destination before laying down defenses the Dawnbringers themselves would be moving castles. [1a]


The Castelite Formation was first devised by Tahlia Vedra during the Battle of Cursemarsh followed by the gunner's siege defence.[1d] Following the Battle of Glossom the formation received the attention of the Acadamae Martial beginning debate on both its proven and hypothetical benefits that reached even Azyrheim. Despite Vedra's protests stating that Castelite formations would not be suitable for all scenarios the grand forge-complexes were of the free cities were tasked with designing and developing heavy-duty wargear capable of being rapidly deployed and repelling intense attacks. Finally with the Grand Conclave of Azyrheim voted in the tactic's favour Sigmar's approval had been given and the Vedra Reformation was dispatched to Lord-Generals of the Free Cities.[1a]


Castelite Formations consist of a tight vanguard assembled under the Freeguild Marshal and trained at a city's military strongholds unlike the Dawnbringer Crusades of previous generations which were simply people gathered willingly or otherwise and marched out as soon as possible. [1c]

Marshals may either go on foot, surrounded by a group of specialists, retainers and messengers or lead a force of cavalry on devastating charges. Some even ride upon winged Griffons to search and slay the enemy commanders to quickly decapitate the enemy force. Under the Marshals are veteran officers such as the Fusil-Majors, expert gunners and tacticians that ride upon a Crow's Nest on an Ogor's back to gain a commanding view to bellow orders and snipe enemies.[1c]

The bulk of the Castelite formations are made up of infantry. The Wildercorp's Hunters form specialist infantry scouts accompanied by war-hounds trained to sniff out foul magic and invisible predators that range ahead to find the best paths and warn of enemies. Even the smallest of expeditions would contain several Steelhelm units who bear the brunt of enemy attacks as the anvil while Fusiliers garrison vantage points backed up by Ironweld Great Cannon to decimate enemy elites and blast warbeasts into chunks. [1c]

As the Steelhelms form the anvil the Freeguild Cavaliers act as the hammer. Led by Arch-Knights they launch crushing charges and sustained assaults even as the enemy over-extend their columns against Steelhelms and Fusiliers collapsing enemy battlelines. [1c]

Sometimes Castelite formations would also include aelven auxiliaries that provide sharpened senses and swift blades and duardin that maximize the crusade's firepower and defensive capabilities. [1c]