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Cascalan is an Akhelian Thrallmaster of the Ionrach Idoneth Enclave.[1b]


Over his centuries of work securing souls for the Ionrach, Cascalan has earned the trust of High King Volturnos, who appreciates the Thrallmaster's ruthless efficiency at securing souls for the enclave. Cascalan carries a shell-scroll marked with the High King's sigil as a mark of this favour.[1b]


Like most Thrallmasters, he wears hard-wearing leathers more suited to the Namarti than an Akhelian and carries a small arsenal of esoteric weapons. He is especially skilled with his vaisurr bident, having claimed the lives of many fearsome opponents with it, from ferocious monsters to the Chaos pirate-lord Morlarr Shrike.[1b][1c]


Age of Chaos

  • Cascalan is exiled from Ionrach for a century for murdering a rival in cold blood. He takes up the title of Thrallmaster and, over centuries of reaping souls for his enclave, slowly works his way back into the High King's favour.[1c]

Age of Sigmar


These Fyreslayers mush realise their doom. With every passing day, their crumbling fortress slides closer to the abyss. It might take ten seasons or a thousand, but one day, Ryftmar will collapse into the raging ocean and the souls of its people will be condemned to the depths. Why delay the inevitable? Why allow such precious bounty to be waster? Let us grant them a swift death by our blades and reap that living essence for the betterment of all Idoneth.

~ Akhelian Thrallmaster Cascalan of the Ionrach.[1]


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