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Carngrad, also known as the Reaver City is the largest settlement in the Bloodwind Spoil. It is dominated by a gathering of warlords known as the Talons. [1a]


In the Age of Sigmar the city is ruled by a cabal of warlords - the Seven Talons who in turn answer to the Varanspire, and some are rumoured to have even set foot within its black walls.[2a]


  • Flesh District: Home to slave pits and flesh markets beyond counting where the lowest detritus of the Bloodwind Spoil are brought to be sold for labour, meat or worse fates.[3a]
  • Fleshripper’s Gate: An entrance to the city.[3a]
  • Pit of the Myrmidons: One of many gladiatorial pits in the city. [4a]
  • Water Hill[3a]
    • Aqueduct of Pain[3a]

Notable Inhabitants

  • Larthir the Gorged: One of the many powerbrokers of Carngrad.[6a]


We have no fear of Sigmar’s crusaders here. They are weak, and they have always been weak. They could not bear for one day that which we have endured for centuries. When the true gods came and blessed the Eightpoints with their touch, did we flee to the high heavens, seeking respite from the hardships? No! Through strength and will we remained, carving out domains where lesser men would have been devoured. The gods see that, and they honour us for it. One day, all lands will be as the Eightpoints – even the craven Storm God’s palace of stars. I relish it..

~ Tarok of the Red Dream, Talon.[7a]