Carmilla Dusang

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Carmilla Dusang is an exile vampire lord of the Nulahmian bloodline who served as Radukar's lieutenant in Ulfenkarn.[1]


Carmilla hails from opulent Nulahmia, where she once swore her allegiance to Neferata and her Legion of Blood. Howevever, she was exiled from Neferata's court in disgrace and thereafter swore her allegiance to Mannfred von Carstein, Mortarch of the Legion of Night. In response, Neferata dispatched assassins to elminate Carmilla, forcing her to become adept at counter-espionage. It was this melding of cunning and brutality that saw Mannfed dispatch DuSang as his ambassador to Ulfenkarn.[1a]

Cursed City

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Within Ulfenkarn she made secret dealings with the Wolf whilst spending days wandering the intricate catacombs beneath the city. When Radukar was first defeated by the agents of defiance during the first Battle for Ulfenkarn, she did not quit the city - perhaps because it was her final refuge against her former mistress' hired blades. In the power vacuum left by Radukar, she proclaimed her intent to rule, seizing the maze-like district of Betrayer's Way and the Vharngate, stronghold of the Ulfenwatch, as her fortress. In her black soul, the subtlety and patience of Nulahmia is alloyed with the Von Carstein's creed of victory at any cost. A wide network of informants and spies served her will, while her minions shrouded the streets of Betrayer's Way.[1a]