Carcass Donse

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Carcass Donse lies between - and is being consumed by - Andtor and the present alpha-continent of Thondia.

Carcass Donse is the remains of the former alpha-continent that lies of center the Ghurish Heartlands, being slowly consumed by its neighboring continents of Thondia and Andtor.[2a]


Age of Myth

Donse was once the domain of the Drogrukh, but it is gone into decline since the destruction of its people as a result of Kragnos' war with the Draconith of nearby Vexothia. Since then, magnificent dwellings and great bas-relief sculptures the Drogrukh carved into the walls of the ravines with their great hooves have long since crumbled. The stone spires they raised to celebrate their victories were toppled ages ago and most have long since turned to dust. What remained is a land of crumbling mesas and fallen glory.[2a]

Era of the Beast

Since the return of Kragnos, the Greenskins have come to Carcass Donse as an act of worship of Earthquake God, many in the mistaken belief he is more likely to notice them if they make a name for themselves in his ancient land. The followers of Khorne seek only to spill more blood in his name and Carcass Donse is as good a place as any for carnage. The seeping changings caused by the poisoning of Thondia’s ley lines as a result of the creation of the Drowned Lands have reached the northern edge of this land, causing the few still standing rock pillars to collapse into pools of rancid mud. Corpse-rippa Vulchas have begun to hunt along the ravines for incautious prey.[2a]

The constant fighting and the presence of so many followers of the Ruinous Powers have attracted other unusual dangers as well. Hunting parties of saurian warriors from Mekitopsar and reptilian predators they are rumoured to have unleashed now hunt within this fallen land. While the saurians prefer to kill those bound to Chaos, they are not always discerning in their choice of prey. As if the threats gathered here were not perilous enough, Ghur’s awakening has stirred Carcass Donse to remember what it once was. Its seething anger at its fallen state will soon give rise to some particularly dangerous Krondspine Incarnates.[2a]

Flora and Fauna

Its flora and fauna of the crumbling land is said by rangers to be very strange, ablaze with scintillant colours and weird properties.[1a]

Notable Sites