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Carazo is a former Warrior Priest who caught Moss-Leprosy and subsequently established a hospice in the ruins of the first Grand Hospice of Demesnus.[1]


A small figure, wrapped in grey-green rags and bandages, leaning on a pair of canes accompanied by the smell of moss-leprosy.[1]


He fought in many campaigns on behalf of Sigmar before succumbing to moss-leprosy.[1]

Subsequently he heard the call of Saint Garradan and established a hospice for fellow sufferers in the ruins of the very first Grand Hospice.[1]

Despite efforts by a powerful local merchant, Sargo Wale to evict them, he and his followers remained, aided by Gardus Steel Soul.[1]


Sigmar gives me strength, friend. As he gave Saint Garradan the strength to fight against the slaves of darkness. Sigmar guided me across many battlefields in my time, and this is but one more. Though I rather think it shall be my last. It is a good place, though.

~Carazo to Gardus Steel Soul [1]


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