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Map of Capilaria.

Capilaria is arid and sweltering. When its famed Vostargi Mont erupts, the region is scoured by winds so fiery that even the lands themselves can burst into flame.[2]


Age of Myth

Sigmar wanderings sees order, culture, trade and life brought to the Great Parch. While the western regions of this continent, thrive with trade, Capilaria, among others, quickly fall back to atavism due to how frequently they raise up to arms. These barbarian tribe come to worship Sigmar as a god of strength and self-sufficiency.[1a]

The Capillarian tribes gain Sigmar's favouritism for their use of hammers in battle as it reminds him of the World-That-Was. The Aridian Clans grow jealous and escalate battle into open warfare until Varrus Blackfist of the Direbrands manages to broke a truce between both groups.[1a]

The Wizard Lords of Aspiria strike a deal with the Direbrand Tribe and their Duardin allies in Vostargi Mont for powerful magical weapons.[1a]

Age of Chaos

Wanting to avoid a wasteful tribal war, the Capillarians sends their champions to fight in the Red Feast. This event results in a invasion of Daemons in the Great Parch. As Daemons of Khorne invade, the tribes of Capilaria and other regions are forced to battle them. Many of these tribes turn to worship of the red gods to survive the slaughter or sate their savage lusts.[3a]

A huge portion of Capilaria is conquered by Korghos Khul and his Goretide, so much that his empire spans between the Vostargi Mont and the Vitriolus Reach.[3a]

The Daemons of Khorne traverse the Vitriol Sea from the Clavis Eye and reinforce the Bloodbound traitors that attack the barbarian tribes of the Great Parch. The faithful of Sigmar slowly lose the war of attrition that sees a hundred years of war known as the Red Century. Such is the violence that the irrigation networks of Capilaria, once laced with Aqua Ghyranis, now only run with gore and choke the plant life that fed the tribes, coming to resemble veins and arteries filled with clotting blood. The leaders of the defending tribes are taken by Sigmar and its people left to starve, which makes them easily conquered and forced to cannibalism.[3a]


Some of the known locations on this region:

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