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Calys Eltain is a Liberator-Prime of the Gravewalkers Chamber, of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer


She is olive skinned with fine, freckled features and close-cropped black hair. [1a]


Her mortal name is currently unknown, but she was a soldier of the Glymmsmen in the free city of Glymmsforge. After dying of an unknown sickness, she was brought back as a Tomb Banshee during a night when the Anvils of the Heldenhammer were purging the Gloaming from deadwalkers and other undead. Calys returned home and tried to kill his husband Duvak and her daughter Elya, but Pharus Thaum saw a spark of light still living inside her. After killing her, a booming thunder took her soul to Azyr, where she was reforged as a Stormcast Eternal.[1e] After being reforged as an Anvil of the Heldenhammer, she didn't remember much of her past and nothing about being a banshee. When the Nighthaunt attacked Glymmsforge, Pharus Thaum finally recognized Calys as the banshee he killed that night.[1d]

Balthas Arum looked at her soul and surmised that she was originally from the Realm of Ghur.[1c]

The Liberator-Prime had fought in a hundred battles or more following her rebirth on the Anvil of Apotheosis at the Sigmarabulum.[1b]

Whilst stationed in Glymmsforge, Calys participated in a number of purges against internal enemies including the purge led by Lord-Veritant Achillus of a coven of Soulblight vampires hiding among the city’s gentry. She had sought out and beheaded the coven-leader, throwing the still-shrieking head into a bonfire herself.[1b]

On the death of Pharus Thaum she looked after his Gryph-hound Grip. When she encountered the lamplighter Duvak, father of Elya, he’d panicked at the sight of her face and begun screaming.[1b]


Pharus Thaum considered her a born defender and that her tactical acumen promised she would rise to a high rank. Her gaze was keen and calculating.[1a]


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