Callis and Toll: The Old Ways (short story)

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Callis and Toll: The Old Ways
Callis and Toll The Old Ways cover.jpg
Author(s) Nick Horth
Released 2017
Pages 51
ISBN 978-1-78572-854-9
Preceded by Legends of the Age of Sigmar: City of Secrets
Followed by Callis and Toll: The Silver Shard (novel)

Callis and Toll: The Old Ways (short story) is a short story written by Nick Horth. It follows Order of Azyr agents Armand Callis and Witch Hunter Hanniver Toll, as they resolve the mystery of the death of a noble in the marshlands east of Excelsis.

Cover Description

Agents Callis and Toll of the Order of Azyr venture into the vast marshlands east of the grand city of Excelis to investigate the death of the noble son of one of two warring clans. Was his death a tragic accident or vicious murder? A full-scale uprising could result if they're not careful – and this would cause untold death as the Stormcast Eternals get involved. So it falls to Callis and Toll to uncover the truths and save thousands of lives.[1]