Caillich Coven

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A Caillich Coven is a great mustering of the Daughters of Khaine called by Morathi. Each Khainite sect is obligated to send a tithe of warriors to join the gathering war coven.[1a][2b]

Known Callich Covens

Age of Chaos

Age of Sigmar

  • During the Time of Tribulations, Morathi called a Caillich Coven to repulse an alliance of Hedonites of Slaanesh and Clans Eshin skaven that laid siege to Hagg Nar and even, for a time, managed to breach the defences and rampage through the city.[4a]
  • Morathi called a Caillich Coven to defend her as she enacted the rituals that would result in her ascension as Morathi-Khaine. To keep her true plans a secret, she told the temples that she was enacting a rite to resurrect Khaine.[2a][3a]