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Gravewild is a City of Sigmar found along the coast of the Sea of Dust in the Realm of Shyish, built around the Corvine Gate. On the other side of the gate is its sister city of Nordrath in Azyr.[1]


Age of Myth

Caddow the city that would become Gravewild was originally a trade hub in the Sea of Dust during the Age of Myth, like its sister city, Nordrath, it was governed over by members of the Lorcus Family. It was visited frequently by the Ninety-Nine Companions. At its height Deathrattle kings would travel to Nordrath to test their skills with the lance in friendly tourneys whilst Soulblight lords and ladies would depart in state to view the sights of Azyr, and a grand celebration known as the Carnival of Crows was held at the turning of the seasons, such was its grandeur that the festivities spread across both cities.[1a][1f]

Age of Chaos

During the Age of Chaos the city was destroyed by Chaos. Many of its inhabitants tried to flee over the Sea of Dust.[1]

Age of Sigmar

After the Realmgate Wars, Gravewild held one of the few Gates of Azyr, the Corvine Gate, yet to be opened by Sigmar.[1a]

To keep the gate closed Archaon the Everchosen sent Bakhos to be his marcher lord with his Slaaneshi warband known as the Blessed Ones. They made camp on the outskirts of the ruins of the city and claimed vague dominion over the Beastmen tribes that had taken up residence in the city.[1a][1c]

The Conclaves of the trading cities of Azyr often send petitions to the headquarters of various Stormhosts in Sigmaron, requesting for aid in retaking lost territories or their sister cities. This was the case when House Lorcus, ruling family of Nordrath, sent forth a petition to Hallowed Knights asking for approval to retake Caddow. The petition was granted and Sigmar himself approved the campaign, leading to the reopening of the Corvine Gate.[1b]

The mortal armies of the crusade were headed by Captain-General Albain Lorcus and were comprised of the Gallowsmen and Nordrathi Red and Blacks, two noble regiments of Nordrath, and a company of the Gold Gryphons. These Freeguilds were supported by elements of the Ironweld Arsenal led by Cogsmith Mahk, wizards of the Collegiate Arcane nominally led by Reconcilor Ahom, mercenaries, Warrior Priests of the Devoted of Sigmar, priests of the Order of the Dove, and others. The Stormcast further supported them with three of the most renowned Warrior Chambers of the Hallowed Knights; the Steel Souls, the Stormforged, and the Bullhearts. This massive force would rendezvous with the Swiftblades, a Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber of the Hallowed Knights, which later recruited the warriors of the Gazul-Zagaz, sent in advance to open the Corvine Gate.[1b][1e]

What followed was a campaign spearheaded by the Hallowed Knights, where the forces of Order retook the city from Chaos. It was also when the city received its new name, Gravewild, from its new leader Duke Albain Lorcus.[1][1f]


The city is run by a Ruling Conclave with Duke Albain Lorcus at its head. The territories claimed by the newly reconquered city were promised to, and later developed by, those who helped conquer it.[1b][1d]



  • Corvine Gate: A realmgate located in the center of the city, connecting it to Nordrath in Azyr.[1a]
    • Great Ziggurat of Caddow: During the Age of Myth this ziggurat was built, in Nagash's honour, around the Corvive Gate. It is built in a style reminiscent of the pyramid in Nagashizzar.[1a][1g]
    • Stormkeep of the Hallowed Knights: Following the Founding of Gravewild, a Hallowed Knights Stormkeep was built around the realmgate.[1h]
  • Docklands: The port of Caddow built along the Sea of Dust, by the Age of Sigmar had fallen into disrepair. The newly established Free City of Gravewild seeks to restore the docklands.[1e]

Notable Inhabitants


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