Cabalist Horde

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Cabalists are led by Chaos Sorcerers

Cabalist Horde are Hordes of Slaves to Darkness that seek power through means other than simple slaughter. These Hordes are led by covens of sorcerers who have studied the secrets of blood magic, enacting dark rituals through the sacrifice of their servants. Many of these sorcerers originate from the deathly lands of Shyish, where soul-mages and channelers of the dead have long held prominence. Some trives serve the Cabalists willingly, considering it an honour to feed the gods' hunger with their souls, while other are little more than slaves forces into submission by a sorcerer's chosen followers - or even controlled like puppets by the warlock cabals. Since the dawn of the Arcanum Optimar, the number of Cabalist Hordes have swelled, for the manifestation of predatory spells has been a great interest to many sorcerers, and there are those who seek power by mastering or even absorbing this wild magic.[1a] There is no known limit to what a Cabalist sorcerer may sacrifice in their pursuit for power, be it their family or loved.[1b]


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