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This page contains spoilers for: The Red Hours (short story)

Byrun Hess is a Freeguild captain who led the charge that killed the sorcerer Avul Thrice-Burnt at the battle of Beacon Field but in doing so killed his company and was banished to the Grave of Heroes. [1]


Even in his disgrace he wears his ceremonial green and gold lacquered armour which bears his family crest – a silver mare rearing up. [1a]


He was born to a noble family of the Realm of Azyr who, to the great pride of his parents joined the Freeguild mounted pistoliers – his mother presenting him with a lucky helmet. [1a]

During one battle, he had pursued an Ironjawz warband and lost many men to a stray mortar salvo from his own artillery. [1c] On another occasion, his company ran into a force of orruks on boars and was only saved by a company of Lion Rangers. [1d]

At the battle of Beacon Field, Byrun led a charge, against his direct orders not to engage [1d] that killed the sorcerer Avul Thrice-Burnt but in doing so killed his company as it was a trap. Although he was given a medal for killing Avul, many also clamoured for him to be hung but his former impeccable service, as shown by his large number of medals he wore even in exile, kept him alive. [1a]

Instead of being hung he was banished to take command of the tiny garrison at the Grave of Heroes. [1a] He lost his prized possessions like his duardin forged pistols, created by the master smith Thora Steelsong, these going to the man who had banished him, Lord Marshal Khir [1b]

Not long after his arrival, a shardstorm hit and during its fury, a badly wounded Stormcast Eternal, Eris Brightmourn staggered in and collapsed. [1d] The castellan of the fort, Sophia Altenbach was then discovered murdered [1e] and the fort began to dissolve into chaos as the secret that lay hidden beneath it was slowly uncovered. [1]

When more Stormcast arrived at the stronghold, Hess went to greet them as the only survivor. [1g]


I prefer to place my trust in more tangible things. Comrades, cannons….Cold steel.

~ Byrun Hess.[1f]


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