Burning Head

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A Burning Head in action.

Burning Head is a type of predatory Endless Spell made out of Aqshy's Magic which manifests as a infernal death's head that not only ignites flesh and bone but also the anger of those draw close.[1][2]


A wizard ignites the fires of Aqshy around them, causing the wind to spark and sizzle as fiery motes start to gradually swirl together. The brightness and heat of the motes increase in intensity and the wizard shapes it into a howling skull-shaped spectral conflagration with an eardrum-tearing crack. [1][2]


After the spell is summoned, the wizard can release it in the form of a blazing meteor aimed towards its enemies. It will surge towards the target with its jaws yawn open, sucking in air to release a ghastly howl that stokes the roaring flames it left behind. Afterwards the wizard will lose control over the spell and it would rage across the battlefield with an impulsive sentience burning battle lines of both sides with the force of a volcano. The impulsive sentience that guides the spell, particularly hates the phlegmatic, those who remain calm in the midst of battle and will seek them out to use as fuel.[1][2]

It's teeth violently gnashing and reducing the flesh and blood of those unfortunate enough to get in its way into ash and trails of charred earth, bubbling with the fat of those it consumed releasing billowing plumes of black smoke. The flames are so strong it will even devour magic-infused armour and sorcerous wards.[1][2]

Those units close enough to witness the devastation of the spell often run in panic, the memory of the spell forever seared into their minds. Those that do not become begin to feel the influence of the enchanted flames and its wrathful aura, and start to feel their rage taking over them. The heat will seep into their veins and their blood will pump with an unquenchable vigour. Then their souls will blaze with fire as blood-lust, bile and anger become their sole thoughts and their desire to fall on their foes.[1][2]

If the spell is located in Aqshy it's flames are even more potent, stoked by the volatible energies into a true Aqshyan inferno.[1][2]


If an Burning Head is left unbound it will go rogue, moving across the realm in which it was summoned and consuming anything it can find as fuel, particularly forests and cities which will be reduced to cinders and smouldering ruins.[1][2]


Name Color Type Description

Doomed Crown of Emberkell Aqshy Burning Head It has grown to gargantuan size and has left a trail of ash across the Realm of Aqshy that is one thousand leagues long.
Living Inferno of Hallowheart Aqshy Burning Head It devastated Hallowheart at the same time as the Purple Death was beginning it's own rampage.