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Josef Bugman is one of many ancient Duardin whose works and name are celebrated across the Mortal Realms.[1a] His legacy was further bolstered with the arrival of Gotrek Gurnisson to the Mortal Realms, the bombastic adventurer spreading tales of the legendary brewer.[2]


Duardin of the Mortal Realms hold Josef Bugman to be a paragon of ingenuity and invention, as well as a symbol of Duardin craftmanship. Legendary brews bearing his name, brewed by a line of Duardin claiming to be his descendants, are enjoyed across the Realms.[2]

The legend of Josef Bugman, and the praise his concoctions receive, is such that many an ambitious Brewmaster dreams of perfecting their craft and living long enough to hear of their brews being spoken of in the same breath as Bugman's own.[2]


The name Bugman stands for quality, everyone knows that. But some of these fools would have you think the watered-down grog they peddle can outdo my brew — and claim I ain’t no true heir of Bugman! As me ancestor used to say, there’s no beer as bitter as its history.

Jakkob Bugmansson XI, Brewmaster-General.[2]

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