Broukan Hammerlung

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This page contains spoilers for: Heart of Winter (novella)

Broukan Hammerlung is a Duardin mercenary in the city of Izalend in the Realm of Ghur [1]

He talks very little, but eloquence is not the reason he was hired – but for being known as a capable bone breaker. Broukan was first bodyguard to Yhorsk Casran‎ and then offered the same service to Malvo L'Polche Guinmark‎‎, both Masters of the Brotherhood of Larcenists. [1a]

He accompanied Arika Zenthe, Gallanglaen and her corsairs into the Druichan Forest [1c] helping her to recover the Heart of Winter [1d]. Then Malvo, Gallanglean and Broukan sneaked onto the Eternity of Torment whilst Arika was distracting her father, the aelf and the duardin killing any corsairs that discovered them. Malvo then threw the Heart into a mouth of the ghorvorasc slaying it and destroying the Black Ark. [1e].


An ugly and heavily built duardin, favouring a pair of axes. [1a]


Not enough treasure in the realms to make me fight that battle. You made your play, and you failed. I’m a hired axe, Yhorsk, not some damned fool Azyrite knight willin’ to die fir his word. Ain’t nothing personal about it.