Broken Realms: Morathi

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Broken Realms: Morathi
Broken Realms Morathi cover.jpg
Released November 7th, 2020
Pages 120
Followed by Broken Realms: Teclis

Broken Realms: Morathi is the debut Broken Realms narrative supplement for the 2nd Edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, and contains storyline updates and new rules for the Daughters of Khaine, Cities of Sigmar, Stormcast Eternals, Slaves to Darkness, and Idoneth Deepkin factions.


Morathi, High Oracle of Khaine, sets her sights upon the greatest prize of all – the power of a goddess! As furious war consumes the Mortal Realms, the shadow-wreathed empire of Hagg Nar makes its ambitious play for power. The cruel and boundlessly cunning Morathi, ruler of the Daughters of Khaine, desires to claim her rightful place as a goddess – but to do so she must sacrifice her past, forge bitter new foes, and spill the blood of rivals and allies alike![1]

The Mortal Realms will never be the same again. In Broken Realms: Morathi, a new era begins for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, bringing with it seismic shifts in the status quo, epic stories, and new rules for your army however you prefer to play. Part narrative supplement, part rulebook, this first Broken Realms book allows you to immerse yourself in the Mortal Realms fiercest conflict yet.[1]


Dramatis Personae


The Rules


The High Oracle of Khaine desires nothing less than the power of a true goddess, and she will let nothing stand in the way of her ascension. Bonds will be borken, alliances with be shattered, and powerful enemies made. And when the dust settles, the fate of the Mortal Realms will be forever altered

~ Broken Realms: Morathi. [1]