Brimstone Keeps

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The Brimstone Keeps were established along the Brimstone Peninsula to replace the Jagtooth Forts that came before them. While the bone-crafted Jagtooth Forts served as bastions of Chaos meant to secure their slave trading, the Brimstone Keeps were established by the Lord-Castellants of the Stormhosts and stonecutters from Azyr to act as a beach head for Order's reconquest of the Great Parch.[1a]


Each of these fortresses is built in a style reminiscent of a lighthouse.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

When Sigmar's Tempest breaks upon the Mortal Realms, the Brimstone Peninsula of the Great Parch becomes the first beachhead claimed by the Stormcast Eternals in Sigmar's name. These Stormcasts are led by Lord-Celestants Vandus Hammerhand and Jactos Goldenmane, as well as Lord-Relictor Ionus Cryptborn. Many thousands of Stormcast die securing the Peninsula, its Realmgates, and the fortresses of Chaos. Eventually, the Peninsula is secured and used as a beach head for crusades across the Great Parch.[1a]

The Brimstone Keeps are constructed as strong, sturdy fortifications built by labourers and stonecutters from Azyr. These fortresses are used to secure the gains made in the wars for the Peninsula and to protect it and its Realmgates from invasion.[1a]