Brazen Claw

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The Brazen Claw is a landmark and renowned inn that lies near the Argent Gate and six miles from the mountains of the Amethyst Heights in the Realm of Shyish. [1]

Dating from at least the Age of Chaos and perhaps the Age of Myth, the Claw – a mighty pinnacle of rock is surmounted by a gigantic hand, rising high about the surrounding forest. The sun on the rock of the claw often makes it look like it was forged of brass. [1]


Legend tells that a slumbering stone giant is imprisoned within the rock, with only his one hand protruding for it – the claw from which it takes its name. A fire must always be lit and warm that hand else he will awaken and break free. For this purpose an ancient fireplace lies against a finger of the exposed rock hand – carved with arcane symbols. [1]

In the Age of Sigmar, a young man by the name of Horrin came across the claw, searching for the Argent Gate and a way to the lands of his mother’s people in the Realm of Ghur. At that time an old couple tended the fire and they tricked him into becoming the new keeper. [1]

However, he found purpose in his life, not only tending the fire, but offering hospitality to strangers and built a fine inn around the hand. Airships of the Kharadron Overlords use it and have established regular trade, passenger and picket routes, with a mooring point at the Inn. [1]

The Inn

The Brazen Claw Inn is run by Horrin and his wife Ninian.

It is large and comfortable with many rooms, able to house up to a hundred guests and was built in the palm of the giant’s hand, circling the middle finger. It includes stables, outbuildings and has wide road of boards that curl around the rock down to the ground below. At the tip of the middle finger is a sturdy sky-dock of duardin construction. [1]


I tend this fire for I must. It cannot go out. It must be an eternal flame! It warms the hand of this giant so he will not wake The rest of him is safe down below, under the earth, but his upthrust claw is exposed, and chill. If it gets cold, he will wake…… And we wouldn’t want that, would we?

~The old man to Horrin .[1]