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Name Description Notes
Ramhorn Helm A headdress with curving horns that spiral around the one of the wielder, allowing them to deal a devastating headbutt.
Brayblast Trumpet A horn carved from Shaggoth bone sending a thunderous blast that draws the most savage children of the Chaos Gods towards it.
Herdstone Axe A stone axe whose jagged blade is said to have been sheared from the largest herdstone in the Mortal Realms. It glows with sickly light of Chaos magic.
Bleating Gnarlstaff A twisted branch which causes plants and stone alike to wake with fury, aatacking nearby enemies.
The Festerpelt A foul and maggot infested fur which deviant gor-kin wear knowing it will heal their wounds
Rune of the Insatiable-Beast From birth the gore-kin has been marked and it can charge quicker and more brutally
Dirgehorn A brayhorn fashioned by Gluhak from one of the many horns of Brondtos. It's consecrated in Nurgle's name and it's powerful note calls can be heard even by him.[2] This artefact was destroyed in the early battles of the Age of Sigmar in Ghyran.

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