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Gor 01.jpg
A Gor.
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Beasts of Chaos
Main grouping Greatfray
Major characters Ghosteater
Races Centigor
Mounts Disc of Tzeentch
Vehicles Tuskgor Chariot
Creatures Tuskgor
Spell lores Lore of the Twisted Wilds
Endless spells Doomblast Dirgehorn
Ravening Direflock
Wildfire Taurus
Warbands Grashrak's Despoilers

Brayherds are primitive tribes of bestial mutant creatures who serve the powers of the Dark Gods.


It is unknown whether the gor-kin are creatures from the Realm of Chaos or the result of its warping influence on mortal peoples or beasts. They are dangerous, brutal, primitive and normally highly territorial - although a Chaos champion can unite them to move away from their herdstones to embark on a blood rampage.[1]

Their vicious society has little room for the weak, those who can not fight for their place are devoured or join captives in being sacrificed to appease the gods of Chaos. Lowest in station are the ungors who scout and hunt for the herd whilst the gors and bestigors are the fighting force led by Beastlords and Great Bray-Shamans. Sometimes a few chariots are made in lieu of cavalry or war machines of other races. [1]


Units Gor (Beastlord - Bestigor - Great Bray-Shaman - Warrior) - Centigor (Warrior) - Tuskgor - Tuskgor Chariot - Tzaangor (Enlightened - Shaman - Skyfire - Warrior) - Ungor (Raider - Warrior)
Characters Ghosteater - Gluhak - Gnakh - Gnargrok - Manglepaw - Scarbelly - Surlok One-horn - Wyrmhoof
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