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A Great Bray-Shaman.

A Great Bray-Shaman are the baleful Gor advisors to the Beastlords and the profane preachers to the Brayherds.[1a]


Some are born with their abilities or acquire them through malevolent means. Amongst beastmen, the Bray-Shamans are the only members whose fearsome reputation is not attained from physical strength alone.[1a]


These soothsayers are able to perceive the shifting currents of Chaos energy that flows into the Mortal realms and it is through their proclamations that they guide the stampeding beastherds along the path of greatest ruination. They are also responsible for enacting the gruesome rituals before and after a battle. This can include sifting through viscera and staring into fires to experience doom-laden visions or carving ruins into the faces of Herdstones, which glow with anarchic power when the shamans begin their profane chants.[1a]


The Bray-Shamans are so glutted with Chaos energy that they exude a visible warping aura. Beneath their hooves the ground churns with emerging worms only to wrap around and devour themselves. Weeds shrivel around them and sprout tooth-like thorns or uproot themselves entirely. Light bends backwards around the Bray-Shamans to create halos of writhing shadows around their horn.[1a]

They can harness the Chaos energies that emanate from the wilds, through profane sacrifices and malefic rituals, to inbue their fellow beastmen of the Brayherds with strength and vigour.[2a]

Like every wizard they can cast the Arcane Bolt and the Mystic Shield spells. In addition to this they can cast the Devolve spell which draws forth and magnifies the savage and animalistic parts of their foes psyche until all that's left are growling beasts.[2a][2b]

In battle, a Bray-Shaman will savage an enemy with their Chaos-derived powers. With knowledge of the Lore of the Twisted Wilds, a Bray-Shaman may summon a swarm of flesh-eating insects, erode weaponry with clouds of entropic mist, and stir its fellow beasts with unnatural fury.Some can even utilize their feral magics to dominate the minds of monstrous beasts within an enemy's army and turn them upon their masters.[1a][1b][2b]


They are armed with Fetish Staves.[2a][2b]




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