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A Branchwych.
A Branchwych and her Bittergrub slaughtering Nurglites.

Branchwyches are both the priestesses of the sylvaneth and the fearsome warrior matriarchs of their households. In the tree-folk society they not only act as spiritual guides but also harvest the lamentri of the fallen to replant with soulpods, whereas in battle they act as leaders and offer magical support to their kin. They are also well known for having short tempers which they harness in battle when provoked, and with the exception of spites even other sylvaneth normally step warily around them. Branchwyches are normally accompanied by a bittergrub who helps protect them from enemies, nestling in their branches or on their shoulder as they travel.[1][2a]

A few Branchwyches become Soulbound but only at the request of their goddess as leaving the enclave for which they are responsible is nearly unthinkable and they will not speak of the reason why she was chosen to do so. Whilst appearing reserved to non sylvaneth, soulbound wyches can form deep bonds with those they come to care for. [1]




Die thee, plaguespawn! Rotfinger! Viletouch! Squirm your last! The sylvaneth kindled beauty in these lands you have befoul'd and by my scythe, so shall we again.

~ Branchwych Astylia at the Battle of the Oozing Dell.[1a]


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