Bossgrot (short story)

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Bossgrot Cover.jpg
Author(s) Eric Gregory
Released July 1, 2019
Pages 25

Bossgrot (short story) is a short story by Eric Gregory.[1]


Gribblak is having a rough time. A disastrous battle against a Khornate horde has robbed his skrap of its morale (not to mention two dozen Fanatics, two troggoths and a gargant called Hurg). Worst of all, when he fled from the blood-soaked 'umie boss, Gribblak lost his dignity, his pride and the respect of his grots. He needs to get them back, and draw the attention of the Loonking if he is to achieve his goal of being the most powerful bossgrot ever. He needs to do something magnificent – so he leads his skrap against the most heavily defended enemy outpost in all the Loonking's lands: the famed Glinty Crown. There's no way his plan can fail...[1]


This story was printed in the following anthologies: