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Borri Kraglan is a duardin Arkanaut Admiral from the Kharadron Overlords Sky-port of Barak-Nar. [1]


Her gold and bronze armour includes a face mask crafted to resemble the placid visage of Valaya, Ancestor Goddess of heart and home, but also has crossed axes emblazoned on its cheeks. [1a]


She led an attack on the Thrice-Forged Fastness, killing the Champion of Khorne who commanded there in combat to conclude the battle. In its aftermath, Orrum Steelfist discovered a ancient duardin artefact that the Admiral recognised and bargained generously for. [1a] Returning to her home port, she took it to the Admirals Council as she it thought it could be linked with a similar artefact there which could potentially help find the lost Sky-port of Barak-Zhoff. [1b]

The Council was split by the potential with Borri receiving strong support from Fargrim Stourheart, once of that lost port but they lost the vote to search for it 3 votes to 2. [1c] However following the meeting, Fargrim told her to secretly seek out the Empyrean Bastion where another piece was located, defying the council and a potential breech of the Kharadron Code [1c]

She gathered a small armada and set sail, but the council were outraged and dispatched a fleet to bring her back commanded by Admiral Harek Steelfist whose own daughter had joined her fleet. For several weeks they travelled across the Realm of Chamon before reaching the Stormkeep and finding it unde siege. [1d]


She often commands the Fearless Undertaking, an Arkanaut Ironclad. [1b]


Are you the blood-drinking daemon-fondler who runs this place? I've been looking for you, and you were hiding down here? Nothing to say eh? Maybe I'll find your tongue in the same place I'm going to stick my hammer.

~Borri Kraglan .[1a]


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