Boomin' Trokka

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Boomin' Trokka is an Orruk Warchanter of the Da Choppas warclan. He is also one of the Daggboyz, the most trusted and veteran followers of Overboss Ka-rokk, the leader of the warclan.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

He was sent to rile up the ogors of the Hartgulpers, an offshoot of the Bloodgullet Mawtribe, and get them onside. Unfortunately, he was so good at riling things up that he roused the Bloodspike Peak and caused an avalanche that wiped out the Hartgulpers' feast-hall on its slopes. The tribe split, with some joining the Waaagh! at this sign of power and others deciding to go to war with Da Choppas for destroying their hall.[1a]


He, like the rest of the Daggboyz, wears navy armour covered in chequered patterns and triangular "dags".[2a]