Bonereapers (Novella)

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Novella Series 3 Bonereapers Cover.jpg
Author(s) David Guymer
Released November 14, 2020
Pages 107

Bonereapers is a novella by David Guymer. It revolves around the fate of the beleaguered Free City of Arbitrium.[1]


The Free City of Arbitrium is dying. For countless generations it has submitted to the Ossiarch Empire and its relentless demand for bone. With inevitable extinction on the horizon, the city’s Freeguild general gambles everything, daring to defy Nagash’s armies. Yet, Arbitrium has a small hope, for a band of mighty Fyreslayers has come to their aid. Can Arbitrium defeat the Bonereapers, or will the tithe be taken from their corpses?[1]