Bone Desert

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The Bone Desert is a vast sea of sand dunes sprinkled with the gigantic skeletons that may have given it its name, although others claim that the sand itself is bone dust. [1b]


  • Eight Pillars: An ancient monument city at the end of a gorge heading into mountains. It is comprised of a great pyramid at the culmination of a colonnade of eight towering pillars eroded by the sandy winds of the desert over long ages. As the Age of Sigmar goes on, a small settlement was founded there by treasure seekers and adventures and those who would supply them.[1e]
  • Temple of the Lightning: It lies a few miles away from Eight Pillars, the priesthood having guided the ancient rulers of that place. It also has agents of the Order of Azyr. [1e]

Settlements and Nations


  • Alharabi: A tribal folk who are well-known for their dancers, as well as their infamous spies and assassins. [1c]
  • Great Karagi: Duardin who live in the Bone Desert, known to trade with the tribes and citie of the desert in the Golden Season.[1b]
  • Hilathi: One of the tribal peoples that call the Bone Desert their home.[1c]
  • Jelali Banker Guild: A banking guild operating in the region.[1a]
  • Karami: One of the tribal peoples that call the Bone Desert their home.[1a]