Bloodwrack Shrine

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A Bloodwrack Shrine.

Bloodwrack Shrines are wicked war shrines of blood and murder dedicated to Khaine. These totems of death are commanded by Bloodwrack Medusae who ride on top of them.[1e]


These shrines are protected by two Shrinekeepers armed with long Goadspears that ride on it.[2]

At the top there is a writhing Medusa that attacks their foes with a Whisperclaw, Bloodwrack Spear and, should it come to it, her Tail of Serpents. Her deadly stare is also a powerful weapon and should it's intended victim lock their stare with hers for a second the blood will revel and violently flood out from every pore until the body collapses in a pool of their own gore.[2]

These shrines are propelled into battle by unseen magics and at the center is a mirror known as a scáthmre. This mirror projects an shadowy agonizing aura that is the scathing hatred of the Medusa.[1e]



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