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A Bloodwrack Shrine with a Medusa on top.

Bloodwrack Medusae are serpentine aelves of the Daughters of Khaine, some of the most powerful and faithful servants of Morathi, containing a portion of her power.[1a]


Bloodwrack Medusae were once normal Khainite aelves, usually Witch Aelves, who where twisted into new form by the power of Morathi. Many see this transformation as a blessing, though others whisper that it is a curse.[1a]

Some are chosen due to being champions of their respective sects, the most beautiful, or the truly faithful, while others were chosen for being critical to Morathi's strictures. Those selected will go through the Slith-onóir, known as the Ritual of Recieving, where one of the serpents on the head of the Shadow Queen will inject their venom. This transforms them into Medusae, recreating them as extremely faithful and loyal servants of the Shadow Queen.[1a]


These aelves are blessed with incredible physical might, enhanced by those skills as skilled combatants that they've retained, and become potent sorceresses able to easily conjure spells. Those who lock their eyes with them suffer from explosive hemorrhaging that leaves their victim bodies exsanguinated in a pool of their own blood.[1a][2]


Sssoon you too will feel your heart grow colder; you will shed your skin into scales and be reborn in the image of our one true master...

~Final Ritual of the Slith-onóir.[1a]



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