Bloodwind Spoil

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The Bloodwind Spoil forms an eighth of the Eightpoints

The Bloodwind Spoil is a land of the Eightpoints between the Arcways that connect to the Realm of Metal and Realm of Beasts.[1a]


Life in the Bloodwind Spoil

Age of Myth

The Kadar Dynasty create a wondrous menagerie that becomes reknowned all across the All Points. [3d]

Age of Chaos

Now a Nighthaunt, Sylus Kadar creates a new Menagerie around nodes of Shyish magical energy. [3d]


The Bloodwind Spoil is a heavily populated stretch of the Eightpoints between two highways leading to Chamon and Ghur. Its name comes from the boiling gales of gore that criss cross the open plains that make up its heartland.[1a]


An archway in the Bloodwind Spoil



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