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A Bloodseeker Palanquin miniature.

Bloodseeker Palanquins is a dread palanquin of sinew and bone carried by a Spectral Host. Seated on this macabre and luxurious conveyance is a sinister and cloacked Sanguinarch Soulblight Vampire into battle, while above them swirl a swarm of tortured, howling banshee spirit of failed assistants. [1a][2][3a]

The consumption of blood can become a obsession to some vampires, dominating their unlife as they search for the perfect blends of flavour that can be found in the ichor of chosen mortals. Whilst many carefully manipulate or order the breeding of mortals of chosen bloodlines, some choose to take to the battlefield upon a Bloodseeker Palanquin, borne aloft by bound spirits. [1a]

As they survey the field of war around them, they direct their Banshees to fall upon the living, slicing their bodies with spirit-blades so that the blood can be caught and delivered to the mistress or master in the Palanquin to sample. At the front there is a cauldron containing a Sanguinarch's heady brew. Other vampires are often drawn to the elixir that she creates and are driven into a frenzied state that will create a further orgy of slaughter. [1a]


Inevitably the Sanguinarch is a Wizard able to conjure a Mystic Shield, an Arcane Bolt or simply drain a torrent of blood from a victims mouth, nose and eyes with a Blood Syphon spell. [3a]


The Sanguinarch is armed with a Bloodletting Blade, whilst her Spectral Host has shimmering Ethereal Weapons and the Banshees can unleash a Wail of the Damned. [3a]


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