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Bloodsecrators are the icon bearers and high priests for the Khorne Bloodbound and a conduit for the fury of Khorne.[1a] They carry massive standards adorned with skulls and the rune mark of Khorne into battle. Through these they channel the raw fury of the blood good to empower and enrage the faithful. The hole these banner rip into reality disrupts any magic brought as Khorne's contempt for the magical arts rolls across the battlefield.[2a]


There are many stories told about how Bloodsecrators are made. Some claim that Bloodsecrators happen when a member of the Bloodbound spills blood over a ley line or is inspired to carve certain daemonic phrases into their flesh. Others say that Khorne chooses Bloodsecrators directly, reaching into their minds and setting their thoughts aflame with rage.[1a]

Once a warrior becomes a Bloodsecrator, they hear the voice of Khorne in their heads and become a conduit for the Blood God's bottomless desire for blood and war. A Bloodsecrator is the least ambitious of the Gorechosen, simply content with killing in his lord's name.[2a]


Newly created Bloodsecrators know instinctively that they must make a perilous journey to the Blood God's realm; those who survive the journey are granted their distinctive, skull-wreathed Icon of Khorne, sometimes called a Portal of Skulls. These icons attract the rage and pain of the battlefield, and when the Bloodsecrator plants it in the ground the icon unleashes this accumulated energy to tear a portal to the Blood God's realm, filling the Bloodbound with furious energy and driving them into a killing frenzy.[1a][1b]




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