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The Bloodscorch was a Greatfray that ravaged the Tauroi Archipelago until their destruction during the Realmgate Wars.[1a][1c]


The Greatfray was mostly Khornate Warherds, with most of its strength being Bullgors and Ghorgons.[1a][2a]


Age of Chaos

After Khorne splits the Tauroi Archipelago from the Ashlands, the Bloodscorch boil out of a rift in the mountains to attack the local tribes. The people of the archipelago are overwhelmed and are forced to flee to high mountain caves that the Bullgors cannot enter. With the only light they dare use being that of sputtering candles, the survivors become known as the Candlemen.[1a][1b]

Age of Sigmar

The Stormcast Eternals of the Tempest Lords are sent to liberate the archipelago, but the Bloodscorch inflict heavy losses on the stormhost. The Stormcast attempt to rally the Candlemen clans to fight for their homeland, but even this added strength is not enough to turn the tide. The liberation campaign is only saved by chance when, far away on the Unreachable Mountain, the Bloodthirster Skarbrand is tricked into the emotion-amplifying Crystal Henge by the Lord-Relictor Ionus Cryptborn. The blast of pure anger causes most of the already-enraged Bloodscorch to explode into gory chunks.[1b] Bereft of the great majority of their strength, the remaining Beasts of Chaos on the archipelago are hunted down over the next few years.[1c] However, the Candlemen are indelibly marked by the beast-blood spilled by the death of the Bloodscorch, and every Beast of Chaos in Aqshy forever sees them as prey.[2a]


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