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Iconic representation of The Bloodlords

The Bloodlords are a Blood Legion that are held highest in Khorne's favour. They are the slayers of heroes, the vanquishers of the unbeatable foe, the flame-anointed bringers of doom. The Bloodlords are constantly striving for noteworthy kills in order to maintain their glorious status. To be placed in the Bloodlords Legion is a great honour for any daemon of Khorne. Only those who have drawn the Blood God's gaze for impressive deeds of slaughter are chosen. Each is anointed in the hellfires of the Brass Citadel before joining their new formation, the smoke of their red-hot initiation still exuding from their forms. Each cohort can remain in the Bloodlords until their deeds are surpassed, and so there is a great impetus to maintain their prestigious position.[1a]

As a reward for their savage service, the Bloodlords can freely select their own targets. They are loath to sully their hellblades with the blood of unworthy, for such deeds rarely draw the attention of Khorne. The best quarry are renowned champions, the most ferocious of monsters, and the mightiest of armies, for these not only make the most fitting tributes to Khorne, but are most likely to gain his begrudging approval. The Bloodlords’ gore-strewn crusades across the Mortal Realms and throughout the Realm of Chaos have become legendary. Just as they are first in Khorne's favour, they are first into battle – striking hard and fast, they carve out a splattered trail of triumphs, seemingly growing stronger as the conflict progresses. It is not uncommon for Skulltaker, the Blood God’s immortal champion, to join the legion in war, for their bloody path inevitably leads to the most prestigious skulls. Such is the violence unleashed on the Bloodlords' campaigns that many other daemons are drawn to join the onslaught.[1a]


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