Blood Times

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The Blood Times were the latter days of the Age of Chaos, when the armies of the Mortal Realms were all but defeated and Khorne turned his might against the other Dark Gods for want of battle.[1b][2a][3a]


The apocalyptic battles of the early Age of Chaos had make Khorne the preeminent power of Chaos, but as worthy foes became more and more scarce, the other gods begin to once again approach his power. The scattered mortals are easy prey for Nurgle's plagues and the long-winded schemes of Tzeentch are beginning to come to fruition even as true warfare is in short supply.[1a]

Determined to be the one who struck the final blow to take the Mortal Realms, Khorne sends his Blood Legions into the territories of his brothers in the Realm of Chaos. Battles rage in the Crystal Labyrinth of Tzeentch, the Garden of Nurgle, and even the Palace of long-absent Slaanesh. Soon, this daemonic war begins to spill into the Mortal Realms, and the Blood God's mortal followers take up the fight, with the Bloodbound turning their axes on their erstwhile allies.[3a]

The first to fall are those armies of the other gods who had aided in the conquest of the Realm of Aqshy, the stronghold of Khorne in the Mortal Realms. Across all the realms, the veteran berserkers of the Bloodbound prove to be more than a match for the soft followers of the other gods. Even the desperate alliance of Nurgle with the Great Horned Rat and the occasional intervention of the mysterious Seraphon on the side of his brothers' followers fail to stem the march of the followers of Khorne.[2a][3a]


At the start of the Blood Times, armies of all the Chaos Gods had fought to breach the gates of Azyr. By its end, the great Realmgates to the Realm of Heavens are solely under the control of the Bloodbound, and it is only Khornate cannons that pound on Sigmar's doors.[1a]

The Blood Times broke the alliance of the Dark Gods that had sustained their momentum through the Age of Chaos. While Archaon and other, lesser warlords might still bring together followers of different Dark Gods, they can no longer call to divine unity to keep their charges in line; the Great Game is in full swing yet again. Perhaps more importantly, the realms-wide civil war weakens all the Dark Gods - even the victorious Khorne - and leaves them unable to continue their pursuit of the remaining civilizations of the Mortal Realms. The conquest of the Mortal Realms, once seeming to be inevitable, stalls even as skies across the realms begin to darken with storm clouds.[1a]