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A Melusai Blood Stalker.

When the Aelven gods Tyrion, Malerion and Teclis captured Slaanesh and siphoned away the Aelf souls, Morathi was given her own share, in return for her aid in binding the God of Excess. Underneath the temple-city of Hagg Nar an immense iron cauldron, Máthcoir the Mother Cauldron, was constructed to hold these newly freed souls.[2a]

Here, Morathi combined enchantments, shadow magic, and even her own blood to create a new race to serve her as personal handmaidens, and most trusted servants of beings, Melusai. Horrific, serpentine mirrors of Morathi's true form.[2a]

Uncannly skilled archers, they rain death from afar in Morathi's name. Each stalker carries a heartseaker bows, carved from the wood of sentient Ashdusk Trees[2b]. The arrows are blessed by their Hag Queens with versions of the powerful enchantments that are found on the spear of the High Oracle herself.[1c] If they are able to indulge themselves in close combat they favour long daggers known as scianlar which can absorb the energies of the slain and send it Morathi.[1c] Bands of Blood Stalkers are usually all drawn from the same brood and lead by the oldest of their sisters. These Krones often employ Blood Wyrms, small winged serpents, to track down their prey.[2b]

Instead of speaking, on the battlefield bands of Blood Stalker communicate via series of elegante gestures. Allowing them to silently move into position, and surprise their unsuspecting foes with a deadly ambush.[2b]

Out of all the khainite sects, Blood Stalkers are the most revered among the Khailebron. The misdirection and camouflage of the Blood Stalkers perfectly embodying the khailebrony ideal of the unseen slayer. A common form of ritual sacrifice among the Khailebron is to release prisoners in Melusai territory, and watching from afar as the Blood Stalkers relentlessly track down their prey.[2b]



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