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Hierarchy of the Blood Legions.

The Blood Legions are the organisational structures of Khornate daemonic armies that spill from the Realm of Chaos when the fabric of reality is torn. Each daemon has a place in this militant great hierarchy, which is structured like a grim pyramid of skulls with Khorne sitting at the pinnacle. Every daemon of Khorne – from the greatest being to the least – is ranked in a militant structure, and each is constantly striving to ascend.[1a]


Highest in Khorne's hierarchy are the greater daemons known as Bloodthirsters. There are eight ranks of Bloodthirsters who command the Blood Legions. This does not include Bloodthirsters with unique roles directly beneath Khorne, of which there are said to be eighty-eight such beings, each with their own unique task, such as Wroth'kar, the eight-horned Guardian of the Eight Gates. Each rank is subordinate to the one before it, but each manifest their own unique battle prowess or method of slaughter.[1a]

First Host

Of the Bloodthirsters, those known as the Exalted form the first host. These horrific daemons are beings of unfathomable power, capable of sundering armies single-handedly. They are Khorne's august generals, and from the Brass Citadel they prosecute his wars upon the realms. After aeons of being inured to battle, even the mightiest champions are but playthings to the Exalted, undeserving of slaughter in single combat. Only the greatest armies, its ranks millions strong, are worthy of having their blood spilled by the Exalted's own blades.[1a]

Second Host

Beneath the Exalted are the Bloodthirsters of the second host, the Lords of Murder. Though subordinate, their stygian might is only slightly less than that of the Exalted.[1a]

Eighth Host

The eighth host – the Bloodthirsters of Unfettered Fury – are the most common of Khorne's Greater Daemons.[1a]


At full strength, each Blood Legion is formed of eight cohorts, and each cohort is composed of eight packs of daemons led by a Herald of Khorne or even a mighty Bloodthirster of the eighth rank or higher. Once on campaign, the number of daemons within each cohort can decrease for a variety of reasons – the most common, of course, being casualties. A cohort's numbers can also swell, however, perhaps due to the addition of auxiliaries, or if an influx of carnage upon the battlefield draws in additional daemons from the Realm of Chaos. It is also not unheard of amongst the minions of Khorne for a cohort to subjugate the daemon packs of another legion. The bulk of most cohorts is made up of Bloodletters. These barbaric troops charge snarling into the enemy lines, hacking through ranks of foot soldiers with their enormous blades. Leading these fiendish killers are Bloodmasters, who occupy the roles of captain and lieutenant within the Blood Legions. They slice their way through the thick of battle, always seeking out opposing champions who have managed to thus far withstand the onslaught.[1a]

Red Tide Legion

The Red Tide Legions are primarily composed of Charnel Host Cohorts; they are crimson oceans of savaging blades that often serves as the vanguard of Khornate invasions, overrunning the enemy with waves of zealous infantry.[1b]

Helstamp Legion

Bloodthunder Stampede Cohorts often form up with one or more Gorethunder Cohorts to form a Helstamp Legion. This is a fast-moving army made to punch through an enemy force and rampage beyond their lines. During the Age of Chaos it was common for the Red Tide Legions to sweep in first, pinning a foe in place while the Helstamp Legions arrived to crack the enemy centre and begin the rout.[1b]


The composition of cohorts and the Blood Legions they form depends upon their purpose. Of course, all daemons of Khorne are slaughter and rage made manifest, so they all excel at war, but there are specific formations that are geared towards a certain role. Each of Khorne's cohorts and legions bears a unique name. These are won by bloody deeds or earned through the infamy of their leader. The Goreblade Legion, for example, is so named for leading the greatest slaughter of human tribes in the Realm of Aqshy, while the Charnel Host led by Zhul'khar, a Herald who earned a wreath of flames above his horns after slaying a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, is widely known as Zhul's Firehorn Cohort. Cohorts tend to all bear similar blades and armour. The Jagged Tide is a cohort notable for wielding blood-red weapons, whereas the armour worn by the Baleful Lords Legion is as black as night.[1b]

Charnel Host

The Charnel Host is one of the most commonly seen of Khorne's formations – is made up of eight packs of Bloodletters and a Bloodmaster, and is led by a Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury. Driven on by the Greater Daemon, the Bloodletters and Bloodmaster's hellforged blades carve into the foe.[1b]

Murderhost Cohort

The Murderhost Cohort uses a mix of infantry and cavalry to break the enemy's formations. While the Bloodletters engage the foe, the Bloodcrushers and Flesh Hounds move to the flanks or burst through gaps in the line.[1b]

Ravager Cohort

Ravager Cohorts make heavy use of Flesh Hounds to run down cowards who flee the battle.[1b]

Skullseeker Cohort

Skullseeker Cohorts focus on hunting down and gathering the mightiest tributes for Khorne.[1b]

Blood Hunt Cohort

A Blood Hunt Cohort is made up of a Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster leading Flesh Hounds and sometimes Bloodcrushers. They are often separated from the main body of the legion, sent to chase down quarry.[1b]

Gorethunder Cohort

Gorethunder Cohorts are formations of Skull Cannons led by a Herald on a Blood Throne. They can be attached to any legion to provide firepower; within the Helthunder Legions, for example, they provide close support for seven hulking brass engines of unique design and enormous size. Rarely seen in the Mortal Realms, the devastation wrought by their ordnance has made them the stuff of legend.[1b]

Blood Host Cohort

The Blood Host Cohort centres around a Bloodthirster, and can contain multiple of these Greater Daemons. Even amongst the Blood Legions they are known for their aggressive charges, making such a cohort an ideal hammerblow to the enemy, a formation that can smash a hardened target and begin a slaughter.[1b]

Bloodthunder Stampede Cohort

Bloodthunder Stampede Cohorts are composed of Bloodcrushers led by a Skullmaster.[1c]

Tyrants of Blood Cohort

A Tyrants of Blood Cohort is composed entirely of Bloodthirsters whose rivalries amongst themselve drive them to great fury.[1c]

Notable Blood Legions


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