Blood Gold (short story)

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Blood Gold
Blood Gold cover.jpg
Author(s) Gav Thorpe
Released December 2018
Pages 33
ISBN 978-1-78030-768-8

Blood Gold (short story) is a short story written by Gav Thorpe. It is the story of a Zharrthagi Fyreslayer Auric Runefather recounting the tale of his lodge's curse.

Cover Description

Before the Gate of Endless Defiance, entry to the Vostargi Mont, ancestral home of the Zharrthagi Fyreslayers clan, stands the clan's Runefather. Behind him are arrayed an army of his kin, determined to defend the sanctity of their lodge, even as they have done for uncounted centuries. Yet the foe they face is one like no other they have encountered in their long history – and the key to what happens next may lie in a told long told by their people, a tale of how they became the warriors they are today. This is that tale.[1]


This page contains spoilers for: Blood Gold

The story starts at the Vostargi Mont in the Great Parch. Runefather Ungrimmsson looks down to a Bloodbound army coming closer to there position, when Vulkite Berzerker Alvi ask him about the Zharrthagi curse. Ungrimmsson beginns telling the story about Runelord Brynnson Drakkazak of the Ironfists. taking place before the Red Feast of Korghos Khul. one day a human named Ologhor Sheng was offering a pact to the council of Vostarg. His offering was Ur-gold that was different to the other. The part of the pact that Oroghor wanted to be done is killing the leaders of the Direbrands tribe. All rulefathers denied the pact except Brynnson Drakkazak

During the march through the Flamescar Plateau an erradic orb named the Sky Crucible also called Blood Moon was hanging over them, getting bigger every night. When arriving at the encampment, the Ironfists slaughtered the warriors of the Direbrands tribe, but Ologhor wanted all members of the clan killed, including the childen. Brynnson denied killing childen and got only halve of the reward. Back in Vostargi Mont they crafted runes of the Ur-Gold. The next night the Blood Moon waxed fullest over the Summit of Vostargi Mont. The runes of Ur-Gold which where corrupted by Khorne burned Brynnson making his body lavalike.

Ungrimmsson admit that the Zharrthagi clan was the Ironfists and that he is Brynnson Drakkazak hold alive by Khorne and the coming bloodbound tribes weren't coming for war but rather for a pact. [2]


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