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Blood-a-bones is an undead court jester who serves in the court of Nagash.[1a]


He is clad in a rotting costume sewn to his mouldering flesh, and bare bones poking through his peeling features. Tarnished and dented bells are attached to his hat and costume which jangle piercingly. His voice is shrill and childlike but despite his threadbare appearance he usually seems in good humour although he sings without discernible melody. He is acrobatic and bounces and spins during his performance, moving more swiftly than many of the risen dead. [1a]


At the beginning of the Soul Wars, Nagash animated him once more to perform for the gathered Deathlords at Nagashizzar much to the delight of Crelis Arul.[1a]


Our king is kind, so kind, and he will take what grows in every creature’s womb and make it his own. He will make every house a tomb, and as his great hand sweeps across the sea, all the fish will rise with their bellies up. The jackals bow to him, and the birds as well. He leaves a trail of fire across the desert, so that all who seek him might find their way. Rejoice! Rejoice! The Undying King is come again, in all his glory!

~Blood-a-bones. [1a]


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