Blista Bakk

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Blista Bakk was an Orruk shanty-port, that floated in the Searing Sea of the Great Parch. It was from this infamous port that orruk pirates launched raids on the shipping lanes of the city of Anvilgard. The Blackscale Coil saw these pirates as a threat to their income and made a direct effort to wipe them out.[1b]


Age of Sigmar

Battle of Blista Bakk

The Blackscale Coil bribes and threatens the Grand Conclave into sanctioning an assault on Blista Bakk.[1b]

A combined force of Scourge Privateer wolfships and Freeguild steam-galleons assault the city, the wolfships raining down fire on the settlements while the steam-galleons ram it.[1a]

The wolfships then pour into the city and unleash their passengers, a large force of Freeguild marine regiments, including the Rumrunners, and Black Ark Corsairs are then sent in to break the orruk lines. Once the Orruks are in retreat, the leaders of the Scourge, including Captain Salekh, have their beastmasters unleash Kharibdysses on the city. The many-headed monsters smash apart the port and send it sinking into the ocean.[1a]