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Blissbarb Archers are the footsoldiers of the Slaanesh Sybarites. They are the lowest of Slaanesh's mortal devotees, and as such are not yet permitted by their domineering champions to engage in the glory of hand-to-hand combat. As such, they take up the task of bringing pain and destruction to the enemy from afar, becoming nimble archers. [1a]

Blissbarb retinues are often accompanied by shuffling figures known as Homonculi - creatures that amass wherever the Carnivals go. They create the incredibly potent Blissbrew toxin utilised by the Archers, harvesting the remains of enemies and sacrificed captives. [1a]


The Blissbarb Archers are forever eager to prove themselves to their superiors as to climb the ranks of the Carnival, forever goading one another to perform the most daring and impressive of shots. Even while running at full tilt across a rutted battleground they can shoot with remarkable accuracy, laughing as their arrows find ingress through enemy eye-sockets or chinks in their armour. When sure that their commanders are not watching, they will desperately indulge in stabbing their downed foe. [1a]


Blissbarb Archers wield their treasured bows. The prongs on their arrowheads initially appear only decorative, but are also crafted to ensure maximum suffering. [1a]


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