Blightslayer (novel)

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Blightslayer cover 01.jpg
Author(s) Richard Strachan
Released 2023
Preceded by Soulslayer
Followed by The One Road

Blightslayer is a novel by Richard Strachan.[1]


Deep in the wilds of Ghyran, a former warrior priest preaches for humanity to reject the gods. The sole survivor of a massacred Dawnbringer Crusade, Amara Fidellus believes that Sigmar has betrayed her – and when she faces execution for such blasphemy, it’s only the intervention of a drunken, taciturn and incredibly violent Slayer that saves her life.[1]

Now bound to Gotrek Gurnisson by a life-debt, Amara finds herself caught up in his quest for revenge. But when the duo become aware of a sorcerous threat building on the far Rocanian Coast, Gotrek and Amara must put aside their own desires for retribution to confront a terrible danger that could plunge all of Ghyran into Chaos, and see a deadly aspect of Nurgle's Garden manifest in the Mortal Realms.[1]