Blighted Duchies

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The Blighted Duchies are a set of feudal states found within the Jade Kingdom of Invidia dedicated to Nurgle, the Lord of All Flies.[1a]


Age of Chaos

The Blighted Duchies came to be during the Age of Chaos.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

Despite many setbacks the Blighted Duchies and the Order of the Fly that rules over them remains strong and in Nurgle's favor. They continue to launch their crusades against the forces of Death and Order wherever they can.[1a]


The duchies are ruled over by the Order of the Fly, a religious order of Chaos corrupted knights. These knights lead the forces of the duchies in great Pox-Crusades.[1a]


The main military force of the duchies are the Order of the Fly, the knights that rule over them, and their followers.[1a]

Known Blighted Duchies


The residents of the Blighted Duchies are comprised mostly of Rotbringers dedicated to Nurgle.[1a]