Blessed Oblivion (short story)

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Blessed Oblivion
Blessed Oblivion Cover.jpg
Author(s) Dale Lucas
Released June 3, 2019
Pages 43

Blessed Oblivion (short story) is a short story by Dale Lucas.[1]


Klytos, Liberator of the Celestial Vindicators, has died many times. Reforged each time upon the Anvil of Apotheosis and returned to his brothers to fight again in the name of Sigmar, death holds no fear for him... save one. With each reforging, more of his past ebbs away. Names and faces of those he once loved. Memories of the deeds he committed. Each death robs him of this and more. When a chance encounter with an agent of the Darkling Covens offers him a chance to restore his fractured memories, Klytos seizes it... but at what cost?[1]


This story was printed in the following anthologies: